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Editor‘s Pick

The best language reference on the planet and probably the only hilarious one. Comprehensive, lively, and sheer brilliance. His joy with language is on every page. Unique and indespensible.

Editor‘s Pick

“Mimesis” is a classic reference work on the intention of language. Invaluable. Get this.

Editor‘s Pick

A classic reference work 800 years in the making. Rewards the closest read.

Editor‘s Pick

Vol. I: The Ancient World —Susan Wise Bauer —Best history ever. A writer must know enough human history to be gobsmacked about how we were always this way.

Editor‘s Pick

Vol. II: The Medieval World

Editor‘s Pick
Vol. III: The Renaissance World

At over $40 new, the CMS 17 edition is a wishlist item for most of us.

A deep dive into the origins of language, and uniquely good for writers.

David Crystal
An original, witty, and accessible book on grammar, with quirky history and engaging examples.

“The Highly Selective Dictionary for the Extraordinarily Literate” Eugene Ehrlich