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  Wednesday, March 14, 2018
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Parts of Speech
Warning: these prompts can seriously disrupt entrenched habits.

One Article (a, an, the) per page.
Cheating with lots of banal replacements (one, this, that) is discouraged, unless it’s part of a deliberate scheme. Up to three pages wins you the use of a bonus Article. New writing, or edit existing work.

Notes & Hints:

  • Dialog (some kinds of natural speech) often cuts away Articles.
  • Removing Articles tends to personify an object or event, subtly or profoundly.
  • There are many ways to fulfill this prompt, despite initial difficulties. Play scripts can function without many articles. A punchy, telegraphed style—sentence fragments, lots of simple verb-subject constructions—is a common tendency for many writers who attempt this.
  • Another approach is to make a “sensory” piece—for example, a character enters an environment or circumstance and we see and feel what they see and feel.

One adjective; one comma; one pronoun.
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